Veterinary Education

by Erik Davis Fausak – August 10, 2021

Training individuals in the veterinary field requires understanding of educational concepts and clinical application.   Below are a few useful resources for those involved in education in the veterinary field.


Thompson, Henry (1913). Elementary lectures on veterinary science, for agricultural students, farmers, and stockkeepers . London, Baillière, Tindall and Cox retrieved 1/16/18 from,_for_agricultural_students,_farmers,_and_stockkeepers_(1913)_(14784482545).jpg


Subject Guide: Veterinary Medicine


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In this Guide:


Hodgson, Jennifer L. (Professor of veterinary medicine) editor. Pelzer, Jacquelyn M., editor.
Publication Info: 2017

Veterinary Medical Education: A Practical Guide offers a complete resource to fundamental information on key areas of veterinary education.  Provides a practical guide to the key principles of veterinary medical education Takes a real-world approach, with concrete guidance for teaching veterinary skills and knowledge Covers all aspects of designing and implementing a veterinary curriculum Emphasizes key points and helpful tips Offers a veterinary-specific resource for any veterinary educator worldwide


Coombes, Nichola, editor. Silva-Fletcher, Ayona, editor.
Call #: Carlson SF756.3 V586 2018
Publication Info: 2018

Developing veterinary clinical skills, the pedagogy


Paton, Neil, author
Call #: SF657 P312s 2015
Publication Info: 2015

he landscape of the veterinary curriculum has also broadened considerably, with topics like animal behavior, ethics, business management, client communication, veterinary public health, and clinical skills, alongside clinical veterinary medicine. Authored by a Royal Veterinary College instructor with extensive experience within the veterinary profession and with teaching new students, this book provides a thorough explanation of what prospective students can expect to study at veterinary school, and it discusses career options available to new graduates


Buell, Laurie J., editor. Schenkel, Lisa E., editor. Timperman, Sabrina, editor.
Call #:
Publication Info: 2017

Assessing Essential Skills of Veterinary Technology Students, Third Edition provides students and instructors with clear guidance on how to evaluate student performance of skills required to enter the veterinary technology profession.

Book JacketTitle and Call NumberBook JacketTitle and Call Number
How to assess students and trainees in medicine and health 2013
OM Westwood, A Griffin, & FC Hay
Constructing Written Test Questions for the Basic and Clinical Sciences 2016
National Board of Medical Examiners
Downloadable PDF but have to register
Test Blueprinting I: Selecting an Assessment Method 2019
National Board of Medical Examiners
Test Blueprinting II: Creating a Test Blueprint 2019