Publish or Perish 2014

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Scholarly publishing is in a bit of turmoil.  This upheaval impacts not only the dissemination of knowledge but also the assessment of scholars (and thus their careers).  For two days in February 2014 at UC Davis we will cover some of the key changes in scholarly publishing with a focus on how they impact the careers of academics.  Some key details of the meeting are summarized below:

  • Sessions topics will focus on changes occurring in scholarly publishing (in journal publishing, other forms of digital publishing, peer review, and economics of publishing) and on changes in assessment (alt metrics, assessment by institutions, and new models for evaluating scholars).
  • Each session of the meeting will include a mix of a keynote talk, short talks, and a panel discussion by leading experts in the field.  Ample time will be provided for discussions and networking as well.
  • In addition, at the end of Day 1 there will be a special Keynote talk by Yochai Benkler from Harvard University on “Open Access, Cooperation, and Commons: The (Uncertain) Retreat of Possessive Individualism in Networked Society” followed by a reception.
  • This meeting is organized by the UC Davis Innovating Communication in Scholarship (ICIS) Project, which is a collaboration between Mario Biagioli (UC Davis School of Law), Mackenzie Smith (UC Davis University Library) and Jonathan Eisen (UC Davis Genome Center).

Video recordings of the meeting:

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Session Slides, Videos, and Links

  • Opening of the Meeting
  • Session 3: Innovations in Peer Review: Video
    • Victoria Stodden, Columbia University. Slides.
    • Emily Ford, Portland State University: Slides
    • Ivan Oransky, Retraction Watch & New York University: Slides
    • Cesar A. Berrios-Otero, Faculty of 1000
    • Jonathan Dugan, Public Library Of Science
  • Day 1: Keynote: Video
    • Yochai Benkler, Harvard University
    • “Open Access, Cooperation, and Commons: The (Uncertain) Retreat of Possessive Individualism in Networked Society”
  • Day 2: Opening Keynote: Video
    • Diane Harley, Center for Studies in Higher Education & UC Berkeley
    • “Predicting the future of scholarly communication: faculty values, disciplinary cultures, and advancing careers”
  • Closing Discussion: Video