Data Integration Architect

Final Filing Date: Jan 17, 2020

The UC Davis Library is seeking an experienced integration architect with specific experience in data management. The position will develop and implement schemas, protocols, and workflows relating to information on the UC Davis research community, and scholarly work. The position will work with managers and developers in the Library, throughout UC Davis, and with the California Digital Library (CDL) to plan and develop a platform designed to share UC Davis researcher information. This is a two-year contract position.

The Library is developing a set of applications to improve the visibility of campus research efforts. This work requires standardizing community-wide standards for access to the information. The position will work with various data holders and stakeholders on the development of a comprehensive framework for collection, organization, and consolidation of these data.

The position will also be responsible for the creation and maintenance of the workflows controlling data flow; extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes; and concurrency and authorization for the system. This includes the specification and development of standard APIs for data access.

Non-Academic and Staff


$6,150.00 - $12,991.67/Month

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