Data Wrangler

Final Filing Date: Apr 30, 2019

Under general direction of the Associate Director, Data Management, the Data Wrangler will support academic research by designing and implementing practical solutions to data scraping, aggregating, cleaning, and formatting problems.

Gain access to the data required to perform academic research is a common obstacle to knowledge creation across domains. Frequently the data required to perform a particular analysis exists in multiple datastores and formats across multiple platforms and providers, each with its own licensing and collection restrictions and processes.

Responsible for using available tools and interfaces or writing scripts to download or otherwise collect datasets and using available tools or writing scripts to clean, aggregate, format, and manipulate data as necessary to prepare it for analysis.

Coordinate with the library’s Scholarly Communications Program and Collection Development department to insure that scraping activities do not violate any restrictions on data use including licensing, intellectual property, privacy, or other restrictions as well as helping to define future data licensing needs to facilitate research. In the context of this position, “data” could include any type of digitally stored information, ranging from tabular data, to collections of digital images or text, to content published on websites, to medical record data.

Non-Academic and Staff


$5,466.67 - $11,183.33/Month

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