Executive Assistant

Final Filing Date: Sep 11, 2019

Under general supervision of the University Librarian and Vice Provost for Digital Scholarship (UL), provide assistance on matters that are sensitive or complex in nature and require a high level of analytical skill, independence and initiative to execute in a highly complex, confidential, and fast-paced environment. Provide administrative, analytical and project management support for matters relating to the UL’s daily responsibilities, understanding the requirements of the executive in order to prioritize activities according to urgency and need. Manage the UL’s complex calendar, coordinate meetings, events and travel, working closely with various campus departments, advisory boards, donors, committees, and others to assist with logistical needs. Independently assess and resolve questions and issues that arise within the day-to-day functions of the UL.

Work with the Library’s senior leadership team and their support personnel to provide analytical guidance and support for special projects and initiatives. This includes understanding the requirements of the UL in order to prioritize activities according to urgency and need.

This position provides daily support to executives and has regular access to confidential collective bargaining information and decisions. This position is designated as a confidential position.

Non-Academic and Staff


$4,116.67 - $8,266.67/Month

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