Lang Prize FAQ

Can I still submit my application even though I’m not on campus?

  • Yes.

Who may provide an instructor review?

  • The instructor of the class for whom the work was prepared.
  • The principal investigator for the research project.

May I submit a work produced for an independent study course?

  • Yes, provided the course was taken for credit, within the most recent four quarters – current winter; previous fall, summer or spring – including study abroad. See Eligibility section on website for more information.

May I submit a portion of a larger work, for instance a chapter of my undergraduate thesis?

  • The work you submit must be complete.  We will accept a literature review if it was developed as a stand-alone project for a class.

I have more than one project I think is eligible for the Lang Prize. How should I choose which to submit?

  • Please review the Lang Prize scoring rubric, and choose the project you think best meets the criteria on which the entries will be judged.

May I submit multiple projects?

  • You may submit only one project of which you are the primary creator, however you may be listed as a team member on other projects in which you participated.

I made extensive use of library resources in the creation of my project, but I didn’t work with a librarian.  Is my project eligible?

  • Yes!  There are many ways to find and access library resources, and it is not necessary to have consulted a librarian to be eligible for this prize.

If I did not win an award, may I resubmit the same project next year?

  • Yes, if you meet all of the criteria for eligibility. See Eligibility section on website.

Do I have to be a current student to submit a project?

  • No, but your work must have been completed within the last four quarters. See Eligibility section on website.

If a group submits a project, should each project creator solicit their own instructor review?

  • No, the review should focus on the work submitted, not the individual creators.

May a reviewing instructor be a co-creator of the project submitted for consideration?

  • Yes. It is common for an instructor to be a co-creator of works submitted for publication.

May I provide any supplemental materials with my application, e.g. a letter of recommendation separate from the application form?

  • No.  Only the requested materials will be considered.

Is my work eligible if it has already been published?

  • Yes, as long as you retain the copyright, as winning submissions will be published on eScholarship.

Is a research project sponsored by the Provost Undergraduate Research Scholarship eligible?

  • Yes, please work with your faculty sponsor to be sure the Instructor Review portion of the application is completed.

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