Harley Wong

“By looking outside of the works recommended by my professors and used by other authors, I obtained more titles that allowed me to consider other aspects and develop my own ideas.”

—Harley Wong

Shot by the Western Gaze: National Geographic’s Construction of the Orient

Paper written for Art History 190H: Imperialism of Historiography

For an art history graduate seminar she took as an undergraduate, Wong decided to analyze National Geographic’s photographs of nude non-Western women in relation to the historical presentations of the Orient during the age of imperialism. Wong’s cross-disciplinary research involved not only searching the library’s research databases, but also reaching out to several UC Davis professors for advice, browsing the library for related titles shelved near those she had identified online, and reviewing footnotes and works cited pages to find additional resources.

In Her Own Words

Read Harley’s reflective essay from her Lang Prize application.