Julia Betchart

Julia Betchart

“Part of a well-rounded research paper, in my opinion, is including primary sources from multiple perspectives.”

—Julia Betchart

Caduceus and the Cross: The Influence of Evangelical Christianity on Health Practices in the American South, 1800-1860

Independent research project for History 103: Topics in History Research—Nineteenth-Century Southern Women


Betchart wrote about the influence of evangelical Christianity on health and medical practices in the American South from 1800-1860. An 1863 medical guide that she discovered early in her library research process helped narrow her focus. With support from her professor and the library’s subject specialist in History, she explored a wide range of books, articles and primary sources, including 19th-century sermons, medical college lectures, homeopathic journals and an interview with a former slave from the 1930s about folk remedies and superstition.

In Her Own Words

Read Julia’s reflective essay from her Lang Prize application.