Samvardhini Sridharan

Samvardhini Sridharan

“The review was an exercise in using different library databases, helping me understand when to switch from one database to another, as well as the nifty tools each had in order to address a scientific question.”

—Samvardhini Sridharan

Early Breast Cancer Detection via Novel Radiomics Techniques and Ultrasonography

Literature review written for University Writing Program 104E: Writing in the Professions: Science

Sridharan’s literature review focuses on the developing field of radiomics — the study of data generated by radiological imaging — as applied to ultrasound data and breast cancer. She consulted with the library’s biological sciences subject specialist about which databases to use and their relative strengths, and used cited references to identify additional sources in this emerging area of bioinformatics.

In Her Own Words

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