Vincent Pan

“Our current state of understanding constantly renews as novel works are produced, and past reviews are easily outdated. The present review organizes the more significant publications in recent years and provides an updated criticism of older studies.”

—Vincent Pan

Recent Advances in Elucidating the Function of Zebra Stripes: Parasite Avoidance and Thermoregulation Do Not Resolve the Mystery

Literature review written for University Writing Program 104E: Writing in the Professions: Science

Pan’s literature review centers on the scholarly debate over the evolutionary function of zebra stripes, with a focus on two major competing hypotheses: fly deterrence and thermoregulation. After compiling an extensive list of sources using the library’s databases, including BIOSIS Previews and Zoological Record, Pan analyzed the popular theories of past research on the subject and identified a direction for future research. 

In His Own Words

Read Vincent’s reflective essay from his Lang Prize application.