Learning to Use the Course Reserves System as an Instructor or Department Assistant

This page contains documentation for using Course Reserves as an Instructor.  For questions, please contact library staff at coursereserves@ucdavis.edu or check out our quick start guides below or our FAQ webpage.

Acquaint yourself with the basics of creating and submitting your Course Reserves reading list via Canvas. The following quick guides explain how to begin a new list from scratch or “re-use” a list from a previous term of class.

Creating and Submitting Your Course Reserves Reading List [.pdf]

This guide contains everything you should need to begin your reading list and associate it with your course, create reading list sections, and add citations. It also explains how to tag citations to request extended loan periods, indicate if you’ll be supplying personal copies and how you’d like the library to deal with them at the end of the term, as well as how to add individuals so that they can create or manage this reading list for you.

Re-Using a Pre-existing Course Reserves Reading List [.pdf]

This guide explains best practices and steps for exporting a previous list or sections of a previous list and then importing that information into a reading list for a different course within Canvas. It doesn’t contain information regarding tags, creating new reading list sections, etc. since that information is included in the other quick start guide as well as other locations online.

View our FAQs for quick tips for using the Course Reserves system.