Library Research Troubleshooting Tips

Tip 1: Most online resources licensed with publishers, require UC Davis Computing Account (Kerberos), except when on-campus.

Tip 2: To connect to library resources off-campus, remember to use the Pulse Secure VPN client.  As of 7/14/2021- also requires second layer authentication using DUO.

Tip 3: Contact the circulation desk if your problem involves locating a physical item.

Tip 4:  Switch browsers, clear cookies/cache, adjust firewall configurations, allow pop-ups.

Tip 5: Update to the latest versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader (download PDFs), Pulse Secure VPN Client and browser for optimal performance.

Tip 6:  If using Google Scholar, setup ‘Get It at UC’ library links [instructional video], if off-campus also remember to use UCD Library Pulse Secure VPN. Alternatively, repeat searching for the title from the library’s homepage Articles, Books, Media, etc.  with the box checked for “Library Catalog only.”

Additional resources:

InterLibrary Loan – obtain materials not available at UC Davis from other libraries.

Help – While your issue is being diagnosed, librarians may be able to suggest alternative databases and resources in the meantime. Sometimes fixing problems requires contacting publishers.

More tips

Inconsistencies in Electronic Access Data:
Sometimes, the subscription/access information in the catalog may be wrong. This is common if a database drops content from a particular publisher, and the embargo changes, or holdings have changed. If you note that it says that X journal has holdings from X dates and does not, submit a ticket. There is also a link to a web form at the bottom of each record in the catalog “report a problem” that will pass along the web page/record that you were in when you clicked the link to fill out the form.

Don’t want to clear entire cache?
Try using incognito or private browsing mode? Sometimes this is useful to try, especially if the user does not want to clear their whole browser’s cache.

Try using a different browser? Some resources will not work with a particular browser or there may be a setting a user has chosen in a particular browser that is interfering with the functionality of the resource

Electronic Resource Logins?
If a resource asks for a login and the user is either on campus or logged in via the VPN, check the subscription information in the library catalog. If it shows that we should have access to that particular resource (look closely at the holdings/year information), then you need to submit a ticket. The library will verify UC Davis’ subscription information and will either update the information displayed in the catalog or contact the vendor about access problems.

Last updated: July 19, 2021