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Brazilian and Portuguese History and Culture enables users to search both Parts 1 and 2 simultaneously. Olivera Lima Library Part 1- Pamphlets Collection of pamphlets from 1801 to the late 20th century collected by Manoel de Olivera Lima, Brazilian diplomat, journalist and historian. Topics covered include history, politics and literature
Political Extremism and Radicalism provides insight on unorthodox (by contemporary standards), fringe groups from both the right and left of the political spectrum through rare, hard to access primary sources. Content supports scholars and students answering questions on philosophical, social, political, and economic ideologies as well as on contemporary issues
Frontier Life: Borderlands, Settlement & Colonial Encounters  includes images, documents, maps and streaming video interviews  that explore the existence and consequences on the various frontiers that arose from the movements of Europeans to Africa, Australasia and North America.  
A series of primary source collections includes manuscripts, newspapers, periodicals, and images. Focus includes social, political, and professional achievements as well as evolution of social movements by women throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century. Women’s Studies Archive: Women’s Issues and Identities focuses on the social, political, and professional achievements of
Collection of digitized newspapers originally published by incarcerated persons in United States prisons. Provides important documentation of the prison experience across 220 years, and an important voice for criminal justice advocacy. Includes penal institutions of all kinds, including women’s-only institutions and early debtors’ prisons. Includes the news, issues,