Ellen Schutt Pomological Watercolors now online

We’re excited to announce that the Ellen Schutt Pomological Watercolors are now online. Ellen Isham Schutt (1873-1955) was an illustrator with the United States Department of Agriculture who was active from 1904-1914. This collection contains 286 original watercolors of fruits, mostly apples, rendered by Schutt for the University of California. The watercolors illustrate examples of a variety of conditions including cold storage, core rot, injury damage, and moth damage, among others. The apples are usually shown in two views: a full view and a half section. The watercolors are available online here.

 Box 1:53 No. 190 Smith's Cider, Inyo, California, 1915 March.No. 190 Smith’s Cider, Inyo, California, 1915 March.