On This Day: October 24, 1922

Today’s post in the On This Day series features the October 24, 1922 dedication of the Dairy Industry and Horticulture Buildings. Both buildings were designed by architect William C. Hays and financed through state appropriations.

The Horticulture Building, located near the present day site of Wellman Hall, housed the Botany, Pomology, and Viticulture Departments.

The Dairy Industry Building, located at the present day site of the School of Education building, contained a creamery and administrative offices. On October 26, 1963, the Dairy Industry Building was named for Chester Roadhouse (1881-1969), Professor of Dairy Science.

Built of masonry and stucco rather than wood, both buildings were considered the first two “permanent” structures on campus. However, both were razed in the 1960s.


Roadhouse Hall (Dairy Industry Building), 1951 Roadhouse Hall (Dairy Industry Building), 1951
 Horticulture Building, 1922 Horticulture Building, 1922