In celebration of the first day of summer, here is an image from our Eastman Originals Collection. Municipal Pool, Redding, Calif., 1949
June 20, 2012 • Sara Gunasekara
It’s that time of year when all over campus you see students running around in caps and gowns snapping photographs of there final moments as UCD students.  Over the years
June 15, 2012 • Jenny Hodge
Special Collections has been pleased to work on a project that makes the historic Viticulture and Enology lectures of Professor Maynard Amerine from his course, VEN 125 Wine Types and
May 30, 2012 • Sara Gunasekara
In celebration of commencement season, here is an image from the University Archives Photographs of Commencement from sixty years ago. Here are some facts and figures about campus in
May 30, 2012 • Sara Gunasekara
It’s time for the Whole Earth Festival! Today’s photograph from the University Archives is of a very familiar structure to the Whole Earth Festival (WEF). This photograph taken during the
May 11, 2012 • Jenny Hodge