Below is a photograph from the University Archives of a group of students in a class working on an assignment or project.  Do any of these students look familiar?  The
December 9, 2011 • Jenny Hodge
This week we are featuring a previously undiscovered photograph from the University Archives.  It appears to be of a fashion held on campus.  What we don’t know is when it
December 2, 2011 • Jenny Hodge
So it’s been a few weeks since the last Look Familiar??? post and in those past weeks a lot of activity has taken place on campus, specifically the Quad. The
November 23, 2011 • Jenny Hodge
This week’s post in the UC Davis traditions series highlights a UC-wide tradition. All University Weekend, the idea of UC President Robert Gordon Sproul, started in 1948. The
November 8, 2011 • Sara Gunasekara
As you may have noticed there are lots of art pieces that decorate the buildings and grounds of UC Davis. Here is a photograph from our University Archives of such
November 4, 2011 • Jenny Hodge