Take a look! Trial of Visible Body 3D anatomy educational tool

anatomical figure

anatomical figure

Visible Body is an interactive 3d anatomy tool for the study and review of human anatomy and function. UC Davis affiliates are currently able to try out this resource through spring  quarter (June 11, 2020).

To try it out:

  • When you are on campus (within UC Davis’s internet IP range), select from the links below the unit you’d like to explore:





  • Select “Launch”

From there, you can explore the different applications, watch the tutorials, and more.

Also note that during this trial, you can download Visible Body apps to your mobile device. Instructions are available using the above links. Please note that you must download and first launch the apps from within UC Davis’s internet IP range.

Please weigh in about whether we should explore licensing this resource by sending your feedback and questions to:  bmlref@ucdavis.edu 

UPDATE (December 1, 2020): The Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas is now available for UC Davis students, faculty, staff, and clinicians.