Then & Now

The latest installment in the Then & Now series takes us to one of the oldest original campus buildings that is still standing, South Hall. The building was constructed in 1912 as a dormitory to house sixty-seven men. It remained a dormitory until 1961 when it was converted to office use. Over the years the building has housed the Advisory Skills Center, Learning Skills Center, Internship and Career Placement Center, Services for International Students and Scholars, Student Activities, Student Affairs Research and Information, and the Student Employment Center. As of 2014, the building contains offices for the following units and programs: Academic Peer Advising, Educational Placement, Graduate Letter Service, Health Sciences Advising, Internship and Career Center, Peace Corps, Pre-Graduate Advising, Pre-Health Advising, Tipsy Taxi, UC Davis Washington Program, and Unitrans.

The historic image of South Hall, taken in 1957, is from the Eastman’s Originals Collection.