Then & Now

Do you recognize the building in this installment of Then & Now? Here’s a hint: it is a two story building that has a frieze featuring animals. If you guessed Haring Hall, you are correct!

Haring Hall, a two story building located on the corner of California Avenue and Hutchison Drive, was completed in 1949. The firm Blanchard & Maher served as architects. When the building opened, the division of Veterinary Science moved from the Animal Sciences Building (now Hart Hall) to Haring Hall.

The structure was named in 1953 in honor of the school’s first dean, Clarence M. Haring (1878-1951).  He was the primary organizer of the School of Veterinary Medicine and served as dean from 1947-1948.

When the Vet Med 3B building opened in 2013, it provided replacement space for Veterinary Medicine laboratories and offices previously located in Haring Hall.