Label This

Maynard Amerine, a professor of viticulture and enology at UC Davis for nearly four decades, is widely considered to be the driving force behind the post-Prohibition wine industry in California. The over 5,000 labels he collected tell a story of the global wine industry from the 1800s through the 1950s.

The Amerine wine label collection provides a meaningful window into the history of both winemaking and winemakers during a pivotal time in the industry. The Label This goal was to make these labels, and this history, searchable and accessible to wine lovers everywhere.

By providing crowd sourcing software over our digital collection of wine labels, the library’s patrons provides 100’s of thousands of annotations to the wine label collection.  These annotations provide valuable information regarding each label, and also provide the capability of text based searching on the labels within the Library’s Amerine Label Collection.

The wine labels collected by famed professor Maynard Amerine, UC Davis have shone a light on how his travels and exhaustive pursuit of the craft of winemaking influenced generations of winemakers around the world.

About the Project

Learn more about Maynard Amerine, his label collection, and the Label This project.

Crowd Sourcing

Label This was primarily driven by patrons of the library that discovered the project and volunteered their time using our crowd source tools.  Volunteers provided 100s of hours of support for our project.

Amerine's Label Collection

Amerine’s wine labels have been digitized and added to the Library’s Digital Collections.  Label This derived transcriptions help drive the search capabilities over these labels.

Wine Related News

The Label This project was part of a number of projects related to the Library’s extensive wine library and special collections.  Over the years, the project contributed a number of blogs posts for the project.