Aggie Experts

The UC Davis Aggie Experts system provides a single point of discovery for research and scholarship expertise and professional information about UC Davis faculty and scholars.

An ideal profile would reflect all research and scholarship, teaching and service contributions and interests of a UC Davis scholar. Below are examples of the multiple components that can highlight achievements of faculty, lecturers, postdocs and graduate students.



  • Collaborator discovery for interdisciplinary projects
  • Reuse of profile content to generate CVs for grants applications, departmental websites and similar reporting applications
  • Expertise discovery for media consultations
  • Affiliations with institutes and centers

To support UC Davis efforts to accelerate research around COVID-19, we rolled out an early version of researcher profiles. It included information about the research and interests of UC Davis campus members who indicated their interest to the Office of Research to find collaborators specifically for COVID-19 projects. The effort improved our understanding of developing collaborative applications and engagement with researchers. We are fully now focusing on developing and improving Aggie Experts.

With the Provost’s support, we have started a two-year project of rolling out Aggie Experts to the College of Engineering. Our goal is to represent the scholar’s research interests, academic affiliation, external websites describing their research, publications, courses taught and grants. Our approach is an incremental roll-out, department by department, to be able to receive and act on feedback about data completeness and user interface improvements.

  • We use the UC Davis identity management system for the scholar’s name, title and unit affiliation. Researchers can change that information in the campus directory listing.
  • Publications metadata is based on scholars’ claims of publications in support of the UC Open Access Policy. Faculty can review with publications they have claimed, and what additional publications are pending their review and approval in the California Digital Library instance of Symplectic Elements publication management system.
  • Research interests and external websites are collected from UC Davis faculty websites.