VPN Installation Guide: Chromebook

Requires Chrome OS 43 or higher. If unsure of your version, here’s how to find out what version of Chrome you have.

Chromebook VPN installation has 2 Steps: – 1 Install2 Configure

To get started, install Pulse Secure on your device.

  1. After installing Pulse Secure from the web store, select the status area located on the far right side of your Chromebook shelf.
  2. Select the option titled VPN.
    Screenshot of expanded Status area with VPN highlighted
  3. Select Plus button next to Pulse Secure to add a new connection.
    Screenshot of Plus button highlighted in VPN options
  4. Enter the following connection name and URL then select Save.
    Connection Name: Library VPN (or another name of your choosing)
    URL: vpn.library.ucdavis.edu
    Screenshot of Pulse Secure Add Connection
  5. Open the status area in the right corner of the shelf again. Select the VPN option and then choose Library VPN.
    Screenshot of Pulse Secure connection list

  6. When prompted, enter your UC Davis Kerberos (CAS) username and password, then select Continue. A second prompt will then request your Duo code/command. See our FAQ for options, enter the option you prefer and select Continue to enable the VPN connection.
     login screen
  7. The VPN will display as “on” in the status area when it is actively connected.
    Screenshot of Chrome status area with VPN highlighted

Congratulations, you are now connected to the library VPN and have access to the library’s resources!