Course Reserves for Instructors

Course Reserves is a vital student resource that sets aside course materials at the library and allows students to borrow the material for free. This allows students, especially those who may be economically disadvantaged, broad access to the materials they need to be successful in their courses. Maximizing access to these high use items minimizes the materials that must be student-purchased each quarter and increases engagement in your course. Books, media, articles, and more may all be placed onto Course Reserves.

A common misconception is that submitting a textbook list to the Bookstore automatically places these titles onto Course Reserves. This is not the case. A Course Reserves reading list must be created and submitted from the Canvas course site for these materials to be available to students via Course Reserves.

Instructors, TAs, and other authorized users create and manage their Course Reserves reading lists from within Canvas. Login to Canvas to begin or update your Reading List.

A Course Reserves reading list works alongside the campus Bookstore’s Equitable Access program and Bookshelf to provide access to digital copies of course materials available to enrolled students. While the EA program provides low-cost access to required course materials, the reading list provides no-cost access to both required and recommended course materials. Please contact the library for questions regarding your reading list or contact the Bookstore for questions regarding the EA program or Bookshelf.

Reading lists are accessible from the Canvas course site. The instructor, TAs, and students enrolled in the course can all view the reading list and access the digital contents listed. Only materials that you expect students enrolled in your course to read or view should be placed onto the reading list. Materials that are not being used for the course and that you want to save for your own future review should not be placed onto a reading list. Instructors may be contacted when there are more that 20 citations on a reading list in order to prioritize the content.

When searching for citations to place on the reading list, please pay close attention to the title, author, and edition to make certain that you’re selecting the correct material for your students. Please do not place multiple editions of the same material on the reading list. Only the most recent edition that you place onto the reading list will be digitized. Older editions will be removed or declined for processing except under special circumstances.

What isn’t a Course Reserves Reading List? A reading list is not a way for instructors or faculty to collect citations for your own future review or reading. The library has several different ways to help with this, but the reading list is not one. Examples of ways to collect this information include creating a Collection in Canvas (Leganto) or creating a Saved Search in UC Library Search. Please contact Researcher Services for more information.

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If you’re new to creating a Course Reserves reading list or just need a refresher, don’t worry! Our easy-to-follow online instructions will walk you through how to:

If you’ve submitted a Course Reserves reading list before and would like to reuse a previous list for a new course (with or without changes), that’s not a problem! Our quick guide for Re-using a Pre-existing Course Reserves Reading List explains best practices and steps for exporting a previous list or sections of a previous list and then importing that into a different reading list.

If you have any difficulties, our reading list FAQ may have the answers. If not, please contact Reserves staff right away at or 530-752-2760. Library staff is happy to assist you by email, phone, or in-person. Library staff is happy to come to your office or department meeting for individual or group training.

To maximize access to Course Reserves materials and minimize in-person transactions, the library has implemented a new working policy for titles submitted on Course Reserves reading lists. Library staff will attempt to purchase electronic copies of all Course Reserves materials whenever possible. When not possible, content will be digitized and posted to the Course Reserves reading list for your students to access electronically. Physical lending of Course Reserves materials is not available.

PLEASE NOTE: The Blaisdell Medical Library does not participate in the digital lending of Course Reserves materials. BML Reserves print materials must be borrowed In-person from that library.

Course Reserves reading lists will be processed in the order received. Reading lists may take up to three weeks to process due to peak workload constraints, delays in retrieving loaned materials, or purchasing new material. While reading lists are accepted throughout the year, to ensure Course Reserves materials are available to students by the beginning of classes, reading lists should be received by:

  • the second Friday of August for Fall Quarter
  • the second Friday of November for Winter Quarter
  • the second Friday of February for Spring Quarter
  • the second Friday of May for Summer Session

Deadlines for the professional schools may be earlier, depending upon the start date of their terms.

Course Reserves are processed at either Shields Library or the Blaisdell Medical Library.  Instructors, and others with permission within Canvas, may place readings on Course Reserves for use during the current or upcoming academic terms. Books, media, articles, and more may all be placed onto Course Reserves.

Items needed for courses beginning with the following course codes will be housed at the Blaisdell Medical Library:

ANE | BCM | CAR | CHA | DER | EMR | ENM | FAP | GAS | GMD | HON | HPH | ISI | IMD | MDS | MHI 200 series | MMI 300-400 series | NEP | NEU | NRS | NSU | OBG | OPT | OSU | OTO | PED | PHA | PMD | PMR | PSU | PSY | PUL | RAL | RDI | RNU | RON | SUR | URO

Physical lending of Course Reserves materials is available at the Blaisdell Medical Library only. Shields library does not loan Course Reserves materials; instead, these materials are available digitally.

Instructors who have submitted a reading list may borrow media materials off of that reading list for up to two weeks for classroom prep and use. If you know in advance when you’ll need these materials, you may place a booking request on the item. This will prevent the item from being loaned out during the time that you need it.

Copies of personally- or departmentally-owned materials may be placed onto Course Reserves under certain conditions:

  • The library owns a copy that is lost or missing or has ordered a physical copy that’s not yet received. In this case, the personal copy will be digitized and returned unless it has been donated to the library.
  • The library doesn’t own a copy of the book and will not order it. In this case, the personal copy will be digitized only if it has been donated to the library.

The last name of the owner or owning department should be written on the inside front cover of all personal copies that will be returned. Personal copies must be picked up within one month of the end of the term otherwise they will be treated as donations to the library.  The library does not store materials for future quarters.

If the library doesn’t own the requested material, you may create the citation manually using the reading list’s Blank Form. A collection development librarian will review the requested material for possible purchase. However, the library cannot guarantee that items will be purchased or a date by which they will be available for use. Therefore, it’s important to submit requests for un-owned material as early as possible so that items may be available for the start of the term.

If requested material will not be purchased, the citation status will be updated to indicate this. Please check your reading list to track the status of the citations.

Course Reserves (530) 752‑2760