Create a New Course Reserves Reading List

Course Reserves reading lists allow your students to view all materials you’ve placed on Course Reserves at the UC Davis Library. These materials will have limited loan periods, maximizing access to required and recommended materials for all of your students and reducing their out-of -pocket expenses. These items may also be borrowed by you as the instructor for longer loan periods for classroom prep and instruction.

Teachers, TAs, and Designers may all create reading lists, although TAs may need to contact the library to have their “instructor” role

1. Log into your Canvas course site (be sure to double-check the term) and select Reading List from the Navigation Menu. Your Reading List option may not appear in the same order as in the example provided below.











2. Click Create on the first splash page. It is important that you do not “skip” this step.

3. Click Create It on the second splash page.

4. Give your reading list a name (Title) and click Create on the third splash page.

5. Select the Basic Template (Best Practice). Templates provide the structure for your reading list; all templates are fully customizable. If you have a favorite organizational structure for your reading lists that’s different from our Basic Template, you can Save [that] list structure as a template for future use, simply select this option from the Edit drop-down menu on the next/main landing page.

6. You’re ready now to add items to your reading list! Once you’ve added all of your citations to the reading list, you’ll need to send it to the library, so that library staff can begin processing the reading list. Click through to learn more about these next steps!