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Data Management Program Projects

Do you have a project that would benefit from the expertise of the Data Management Program’s experts?  Please contact us at to discuss your ideas.

Map of completed American Viticulture Areas boundariesCompleted American Viticulture Areas boundaries (as of Sept. 28, 2017)

American Viticulture Areas (AVA) Boundary Digitizing Project

The UC Davis library, in conjunction with UCSB, other partner organizations, and contributions from the general public, are creating a publically accessable version of an American Viticultural Areas boundaries spatial data set. Using the text descriptions from the ATPF Code of regulations, we are building this data from the official descriptions. These data will be made freely available. This dataset will provide wine researchers with an important tool as they examine the scientific, economic and historical aspects of viticulture.

More information about the project, including progress and access to download the current data set is available on the project’s GitHub Repository.

Aerial Photograph Collection Index

Dawn Collings, Map Collection, UC Davis Library Special Collections

The Library’s Map Collection has many air photo sets, some of which lacked an index (a map showing the location of each photo in the set).  Based on the methods employed for the AVA Boundary Digitizing Project, the Data Management Program has developed a workflow and GitHub repository for managing data creation for this project.  The resulting digital data will help patrons find air photos that meet their needs.

Southern California Edison Distribution Circuit Mapping

David Rapson, Economics Department

The Data Management Program is collaborating with Dr. Rapson to create a Github repository to collect and merge the spatial data for electricty distribution systems, develop a workflow for creating the data, and consult on the project as questions arise.

Maidu Historic Properties GIS Data & Maps

Beth Rose Middleton, Department of Native American Studies

This project will produce a rich data set of spatially located documents though georeferencing historic property documents, managing new data creation, and producing data visualizations such as print and web maps.  The resulting data products will allow the Maidu Native American Community to easily locate historic documents related to properties historically held by members of their community and support research on the history of this community on campus.