The library is pleased to provide use of the UC Davis instance of the Dash data repository (Dash), maintained by the California Digital Library (CDL), as a free service for UC Davis researchers, including current and emeritus faculty, graduate students, post-docs and professional researchers. Datasets in the repository will:

  • Receive a permanent identifier
  • Be visible and discoverable
  • Have a formatted citation
  • Receive statistics on views and downloads

The FAIR acronym stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. By placing your data into Dash you are making your data accessible. To improve the findability, interoperability and reuse of your data, you can:

  • Describe your data as much as possible, using keywords that will help other researchers find them
  • Use non-proprietary file formats
  • Include a readme file describing protocols and methods

We would be happy to optimize your data deposit for FAIR-ness.

When you log into Dash, you will need to agree to the terms below. If you have any questions about the agreement, please contact us.

  1. This platform is intended for use only by UC Davis faculty, graduate students, post-docs and professional researchers. Any deposits resulting from unauthorized use will be removed. If you do not hold an affiliation named above, but you believe you should have access to Dash based on your research contributions and needs, contact the Data Management Program. Permissions will be granted on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Any data you deposit will not contain any unlawful, private, confidential or sensitive information.
  3. Any data you deposit will be comprised of your original work, public domain data, or data for which you have the necessary rights or permissions to deposit consistent with the terms of this agreement.
  4. UC Davis Library and CDL will have access to all content for the purposes of maintaining the system, creating backup copies and publicly sharing the data. You grant data curators at the UC Davis Library and CDL the right to review and enhance the metadata of submitted datasets.
  5. In compliance with best practices in open data, all data deposited in the UC Davis Dash instance will be released under a CC0 public domain dedication. You may defer the release of deposited data for up to six months at the time of submission. At the end of six months, the data will be released under a CC0 dedication unless you actively request and justify a deferment.
  6. The total space allocation per UC Davis user is 200 GB. If you foresee the need to exceed this size, please contact the UC Davis Library at
  7. Access to the datasets through this repository is intended to last until at least 2027. In the event a decision is made to discontinue the use of Dash, CDL will transfer the existing data to an alternative repository or otherwise return them to the submitting party.
  8. Published datasets may not be removed by individual users. Data withdrawal requests and justifications should be directed to CDL.
  9. UC Davis Library and CDL retain the right to remove any material deemed, in their discretion, inappropriate or out of the scope of this repository.
  10. You agree to the terms of the CDL Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and all applicable UC Davis Library Policies and Procedures.

Circumstances for lifting 200 GB storage limit per user

If a researcher has a single dataset exceeding 200 GB or has been more prolific than anticipated, he or she can contact the Data Management Program to seek approval to exceed his/her quota. The program will review the request according to the following criteria:

  • Availability of a more appropriate subject-specific repository
  • Availability of grant or departmental funds to defray the cost of extra data sharing
  • Necessity of the complete dataset to be shared (i.e., are there intermediate outputs that are not crucial for reproducibility or interpretation)
  • Contribution to and impact on the UC Davis mission

The request may be denied if the dataset will exceed or come close to exceeding the total campus limit, unless a separate agreement is reached with the data owner to cover the additional cost.

Metadata editing

Metadata modifications will only be made after contacting the user with proposed changes and receiving a confirmation to proceed in writing (i.e., via e-mail).

You can experiment with Dash deposits in this sandbox. Note that data in the sandbox will be periodically deleted.

For more information on Dash, visit the Dash help page or contact the Data Management Program.