A valid UC Davis Library card is required to borrow books, place requests, and use other library services. Individuals needing assistance using the library may designate a proxy to conduct library business on their behalf.

Currently registered UCD students, faculty, and staff automatically have library privileges with no activation needed. While these users may immediately begin requesting or booking materials using their campus-issued Kerberos ID, they will, however, be required to update and confirm mailing and personal information when borrowing materials for the first time.

Faculty and staff retirees are eligible for the services as when they were current employees. However, remote access to electronic resources is not available to most retirees due to licensing costs and restrictions; only emeriti faculty will retain remote access to these online resources. Privileges for retired staff must be renewed annually while privileges for emeriti faculty do not expire.

UC Davis faculty and students are eligible to receive free library borrowing privileges at any UC campus or CSUS.  A student ID card and proof of current registration must be shown when applying at one of these other campuses. UC Davis faculty and graduate students are also eligible for library borrowing privileges at Stanford (excludes Lane Medical Library); users must apply for these privileges at a UC Davis Library location.

Library privileges are not transferable. Only the individual named on the library card can use the card.  Authorization cards, which allow borrowing by proxy, may be issued to Davis Campus faculty and disabled staff and students.

Proxy cards may be issued to UCD students and staff who are doing research on behalf of a UCD faculty member. Disabled staff members and students are also eligible to have a proxy. The faculty member or disabled user is the “Sponsor” while the individual acting on their behalf is the “Proxy.”

Faculty may have up to four Proxies on record.  Disabled users may have one Proxy on record.

A signed Proxy application is required for all new Proxy accounts.  The Sponsor is responsible for notifying the library when a Proxy is no longer working on their behalf.

The Sponsor is responsible for all materials checked out by a Proxy and for responding to recalls, overdue notices and replacement bills.

All others who are not currently registered students, faculty or staff may apply for library privileges in-person at Shields Library, the Carlson Health Sciences Library, the Blaisdell Medical Library, or the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library. Individuals must present a current government-issued photo ID and verification of status or payment (cash or check only) when registering. Payments made at the Carlson Health Sciences Library, the Blaisdell Medical Library, or the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library must be by check or exact-change only.

Renewal of library privileges may be requested in person, by email or by phone.

Main Circulation (530) 752‑8792
Billing (530) 752‑1204
Main Campus ILL (530) 752‑2251
Health Sciences ILL (530) 752‑6379