Online Strategy

The Online Strategy team at the UC Davis Library repositions Library data for the digital age. 

Online Strategy combines technical infrastructure and digital operations (online catalog and digitization) with a publicly engaged tech, design, and outreach team focused on leveraging the library’s expertise to forge broader access to campus research, knowledge, and historical collections. The team applies new technologies that enable innovative uses of collections and data that advance our mission of providing access to knowledge and the scholarly record.

Label This
By digitizing thousands of wine labels collected by famed professor Maynard Amerine, UC Davis has shone a light on how his travels and exhaustive pursuit of the craft of winemaking influenced generations of winemakers around the world. Our Label This! web application has put people in touch with these labels, allowing them to imagine what a pre-Prohibition California wine might have looked like, or bringing to life wine from Fascist Germany. Amerine’s labels give life to the history of wine.

Price The Vintage
We’ve digitized hundreds of catalogs from the famed distributor, Sherry-Lehmann. From the late 1930s through the 1950s, these beautiful illustrated brochures list prices from thousands of now rare bottles, helping to chart America’s appreciation for wine from France, Spain, Italy, and beyond. Help us make it searchable by transcribing the information that you see on the pages.

Wine Search
We have created an application to help search the results from Price The Vintage and eventually, from Label This. The more data entered, the more robust the search results. So help us Price The Vintage!

Peter Brantley
Director of Online Strategy
Quinn Hart
Digital Applications Manager
Kimmy Hescock
User Experience Designer
Justin Merz
Research Support Engineer