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The UC Davis Open Access Fund supports UC Davis Academic Senate, Academic Federation members, faculty, post-docs, residents, fellows, and graduate students who want to make their journal articles or book chapters free to all readers immediately upon publication.

UCD-OAF provides Davis authors reimbursement up to $1000/article for open access fees for those publishing in full open access journals  (journals in which all articles are published open access) or publishing book chapters in fully open access books.

UCD-OAF subsidizes, in various degrees, fees charged to authors who select open access.

See  Directory of Open Access Journals, DOAJ

Begun in October 2012 as a pilot, the open access fund subsidizes reasonable open access publishing charges for researchers when funds are otherwise unavailable. Eligible charges include article processing fees for fully open access journals or fees associated with publishing chapters in fully open access books.

UC Davis Academic Senate, Academic Federation members, faculty, post-docs, residents, fellows, and graduate students are eligible to apply for funds. The fund will pay up to $1000 per article or chapter, with a cap of one grant per author per year.

With initial funding from CDL, the UC Davis University Library has continued to provide the funds in order to support UCD authors interested in reshaping models of scholarly publishing. The University Library tracks how the funds are spent, and the success and sustainability of the fund continues to be evaluated. The chief goals include fostering greater dissemination of the work of University of California, Davis scholars and encouraging author control of copyright.

Authors can apply for funds using the online application form available on the “Apply for funds” tab.

UC Davis Academic Senate, Academic Federation members, faculty, post-docs, residents, fellows, and graduate students who do not have grant funds that can be used for open access charges are eligible to apply for funds from the UC-OAF.

Whether grant funds can be used to cover open access charges will vary by funding agency and grant. BioMed Central has compiled a partial list for funders of biomedical research. For other disciplines, check the policies of your granting organization. If in doubt, contact the granting organization. UCD researchers are encouraged to add open access fees or article process charges to their future grant proposals.

Funds are available to pay open access fees and article publication charges for fully open access journals or for chapters in fully open access books.  Funded works must be made freely available at the time of initial publication, with no embargo periods. (Funds from the pilot are not available to cover color charges, page charges, illustration charges, or submission charges.)

We encourage UCD authors to choose journals published by organizations who are members of the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association and adhere to its code of conduct.

See  Directory of Open Access Journals, DOAJ 

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If you have a question about a journal or publisher, contact us.

Q: Is this related to the Open Access Policy for the University of California?

No, it’s unrelated. This OA Fund will pay the costs of publishing new research in open access journals, and involves funds provided by the UC Davis University Library. The Open Access Policy is focused on open access archiving in eScholarship regardless of place of publication.

Q: Where is the money for the fund coming from?

The funds are from the UC Davis Library. We chose to support this alternative funding model, expecting to learn valuable information about the costs associated with the journal Article Processing Charge financial model.

Q: I want to publish an open access book — can this fund help?

The library runs a different fund — the TOME fund — to support OA monograph publishing. Click here to learn more.

For more information email

Step 1: Application Information

Apply online:

Supplying the following information:

UC Davis affiliation (e.g., faculty, post-doc, graduate student)*
Author contact information*
Campus department*
Other authors
Department financial contact information*
Dept. Fund Account #(must be 19900 fund type)*
Article title*
Journal name*
Publication status (in preparation, submitted, accepted)*
Link to article


There is a $1000 limit per article.


Step 2: Acceptance Letter

Once your article has been accepted for publication you will be eligible to receive the award.  To receive your funds you will need to provide a copy of your acceptance letter.

Email an electronic copy to:


Mail a paper copy to:

Attn: OA Fund Application
UC Davis – Shields Library
Collection Strategies Department
100 NW Quad
Davis, CA 95616


Step 3: Reimbursement

Once your acceptance letter has been received your funds will be provided via interdepartmental transfer.  Our financial department will use the financial contact you provided in your application form.