Researcher Services

The Researcher Services department works closely with faculty, graduate students, and other researchers providing expert assistance with the discovery, evaluation, interpretation, and use of research literature, data, and other library resources.

We can help you:

  • Use the Library to develop new research projects
  • Design rigorous literature search strategies
  • Find datasets, statistics, and primary sources
  • Create plans for effective data management
  • Use tools for managing citations
  • Maximize your research impact and manage your online scholarly presence¬†

and more, just ask.

Contact us at:

Research Consults

We have experience helping researchers from across the university. Bring your project or questions to us and learn how the Library can move your research forward.

Group Instruction and Workshops

We provide specialized library instruction to faculty and graduate students. We can tailor a presentation to the needs of your seminar, research group, or course.

Research Data Services

We assist with a wide range of data services, including data discovery, data management, and data visualization.  Visit this site to learn more:

Stephen Kiyoi

research support, library administration and leadership, grant funded research

Daniel Goldstein
Researcher Services Librarian

History, Visual and Applied Arts, Humanities, Language Arts, Area Studies


Shields Library

Ruth Gustafson
Student Services and Researcher Services Librarian

STEM, Life & Physical Sciences


Shields Library

David Michalski
Researcher Services Librarian

Social and Cultural Studies, Research Data Services

Peter J. Shields Library

Adam Siegel
Researcher Services Librarian

Languages, Literatures, & Performing Arts / Agricultural Economics, Economics, & Business


Shields Library

Megan Van Noord
Health Sciences Librarian

Evidence Syntheses, Research Impact & Metrics, IACUC Literature Searches, Biomedical Research


Carlson Health Sciences Library (Medical Sciences 1B)