Move It Forward: a publisher workshop to identify transitional open access models

Building on the Pay It Forward project, the UC Davis Library, with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, invites applications to participate in a “Move-It-Forward” workshop focused on exploring and vetting publisher models for transitioning existing scholarly journals to open access. Following a competitive review process, we anticipate hosting up to 25 interested representatives from publishers of scholarly journals for a one-and-a-half day workshop and discussion to take place June 21–22 in Oakland, California.

Workshop participants will provide brief presentations on past, present, and theorized approaches, and the group will work to identify the most promising and transformative methods, as well as their roadblocks and prerequisites. Subsequent to the workshop, we plan to explore and, where possible, operationalize discussed plans and models.

Please note that applications close on April 23rd, 2018.

Move It Forward will convene for 1.5 days from June 21–22 at Oakland City Center in downtown Oakland, California.

We anticipate publishers will benefit from the meeting in several ways, notably by gaining better insight into how peer organizations are approaching the open access transition process; by exchanging experiences and lessons learned to date; by discussing concerns and interests that have surfaced among key stakeholders; and by establishing a “community of practice” around this issue.

Limited funding is available to facilitate the participation of applicants whose attendance is contingent on support.

Publishers interested in attending the event will:

  • Presently publish (or, through a third-party vendor, have published) one or more scholarly journals;
  • Have a demonstrable interest in, or be in the process of, transitioning some or all of their existing titles to open access models; and
  • Be ready to discuss the merits, difficulties, and prerequisites of their approach candidly.

Note that do not want to cabin this engagement to any one model, and are particularly interested in exploring a variety of approaches. Accordingly, we are seeking to convene a range of publishers with a diverse range of business models, subject foci, and portfolio sizes.

To apply, please complete your application hereApplications close April 23, 2018.


Please contact Michael Wolfe, Scholarly Communications Officer, at with any questions.