Collections in the University Archives are arranged by record groups, which are based on the office of origin or creating body. The University Archives has over 150 collections. Below are descriptions of select collections. Descriptions for additional collections are forthcoming.

Holdings can only reflect what is submitted to the University Archives. We welcome historical archives and records from the administrative offices, campus organizations, and student groups. Please contact us to discuss the records that you wish to transfer to the University Archives at

The papers of University of California, Davis faculty are administered as manuscript collections within Special Collections. See our manuscript guide for a list of manuscript collections.

Researchers should confirm collections are available, before visiting, as many collections are stored offsite.

Chancellor, Office of the
Collection Number: AR-023
Extent: 420 linear feet
Description: Office files relating to the physical planning and administration of the University of California, Davis.
Inclusive Dates: 1953-1999
Accounting and Financial Services Office
Collection Number: AR-127
Extent: 5 linear feet
Description: Income ledgers (1910-1912); general ledgers (1914-1940); contingent fund and revolving fund ledgers (1911-1922); and financial reports (1938-1957). These early historical account ledgers provide many clues to the activities of the campus from its earliest establishment as the University Farm. Several examples of entries include the Library's purchase of "Revue de Viticulture" in 1910 and the University's purchase of silkworm eggs from a firm in Tokyo in 1914.
Inclusive Dates: 1910-1957.
Campus Buildings Collection
Collection Number: AR-078
Extent: 2 linear feet
Description: This collection, assembled by Special Collections, contains selected information on a number of UC Davis campus buildings. The collection contains programs for some building dedications, drafts of the campus Historic Resources Inventory that was conducted in 1986, as well as minutes for the Building and Campus Development Committee (1955-1959).
Inclusive Dates: 1912-2013.
Grounds and Landscape Services Records
Collection Number: AR-197
Extent: 0.8 linear feet
Administrative History: Grounds and Landscape Services designs, plants, builds, and maintains landscapes and landscape structures throughout the UC Davis campus.
Description: The collection includes promotional materials and awards related to the UC Davis Olive Oil Program.
Inclusive Dates: 2006-2008.
Vice Chancellor & CFO – Finance, Operations & Administration Records
Collection Number: AR-051
Extent: 151 linear feet
Description: Budgets and financial statements, long range development plans, and environmental impact reports.
Inclusive Dates: 1948-[ongoing]
Associated Students, University of California, Davis (ASUCD) Records
Collection Number: AR-111
Extent: 13.4 linear feet
Administrative History: The Associated Students, University of Calfornia, Davis (ASUCD) is the official student government of UC Davis. Description: Legislation, election information, meeting minutes, financial materials, clippings of Aggie articles about ASUCD, and a scrapbook.
Inclusive Dates: 1945-2007.
Baggins End: Innovative Housing Collection
Collection Number: AR-049
Extent: 11.1 linear feet
Description: Meeting announcements and minutes, correspondence, planning documents, photographs, and newspaper clippings relating to the Baggins End student housing community.
Inclusive Dates: 1972-1997.
Memorial Union Art Gallery Records
Collection Number: AR-132
Extent: 14 linear feet
Administrative History: The Memorial Union Art Gallery began as "The Painting of the Month" in the 1950s featuring the work of the Art Department faculty and students. An enclosed gallery was established on the fourth floor of the expanded Memorial Union Tower in 1966.
Description: Exhibit files which include artist information, press releases, loan agreements, correspondence between artists and the Gallery Manager, installation notes, publicity materials, exhibit catalogs, and slides.
Inclusive Dates: 1970-2008.
Memorial Union Services
Collection Number: AR-152
Extent: 2 linear feet
Description: Material related to the fundraising campaign of the UC Davis Student Memorial Union project. Also included is a logbook from West Hall which contains the minutes and records of student meetings held between 1921-1930.
Inclusive Dates: 1921-1962.
Student Development Office Records
Collection Number: AR-162
Extent: 1.4 linear feet
Administrative History: The Student Development Office provided centralized coordination among related student service programs including the following units: Advising Services, Counseling Center, Housing Office, Learning Assistance Center, Student Special Services and Women's Resources and Research Center.
Description: The collection contains annual reports, meeting minutes, and a department training manual.
Inclusive Dates: 1971-1981.
Undergraduate Admissions
Collection Number: AR-123
Extent: 3 linear feet
Description: Slides that were used by the Admissions Office for their publications and web site.
Inclusive Dates: 1990-2001.
Unitrans Archives
Collection Number: AR-071
Extent: 4.4 linear feet
Description: Annual reports, schedules, newspaper clippings, photographs, and memorabilia documenting the history of Unitrans, the University and City of Davis bus service, founded in 1968 by the Associated Students of UC Davis.
Inclusive Dates: 1966-2008
Committee for Arts and Lectures Records
Collection Number: AR-042
Extent: 5.7 linear feet
Administrative History: In 1955 the Committee for Drama, Lectures, and Music was organized. The group was responsible for organizing arts events and lectures on campus. Its name was changed to the Committee for Arts and Lectures (CAL) in 1960 and again in 1990 to UC Davis Presents. In 2002, the Mondavi Center for Performing Arts opened and the function of this group was transferred to the Center.
Description: Season files including brochures, flyers, and playbills, as well as snapshot photographs, and some posters.
Inclusive Dates: 1964-2002
Neil Michel/Axiom Photograph Collection
Collection Number: AR-195
Extent: 10 linear feet
Administrative History: Neil Michel, co-owner of Axiom, was the principal freelance photographer for UC Davis from 1991-2008, covering campus events and promotional photography needs.
Description: The collection includes photographs taken for the California Aggie, Dateline, and UC Davis Magazine, as well as photography for alumni events, development events, and several colleges and programs.
Inclusive Dates: 1991-2008.
Strategic Communication Records.
Collection Number: AR-031
Extent: 49.6 linear feet
Administrative History: The Strategic Communications Office serves the UC Davis campus community and the media through news, publications, andphotography.
Description: The collection contains clipping files for campus news, event and subject files, publications produced by the department, aswell as materials regarding the 75th anniversary of the campus. Also included are photographs and slides of faculty and staff, sporting events, classroom activities, and special events such as Picnic Day.
Inclusive Dates: circa 1910-2000.
University Relations, Office of the Vice-Chancellor of
Collection Number: AR-021
Extent: 10 linear feet
Description: Office files relating to activities involving CAAA, campus development, and campus outreach.
Inclusive Dates: 1980-1987.
Agricultural History Center Collection
Collection Number: AR-036
Extent: 6 linear feet
Description: Correspondence, reports, and card files relating agricultural history.
Inclusive Dates: 1974-1997.
Convenio Archives
Collection Number: AR-014
Extent: 1 linear feet
Description: Publications and reports from a "Convenio" (an agreement or pact) between the University of Chile and the University of California for a long-term cooperative program that embraced nearly all disciplines at the two universities. Entomology, plant pathology, and pomology were considered top priority. The program received financial support from the Ford Foundation.
Inclusive Dates: 1965-1979.
Institute of Governmental Affairs Collection
Collection Number: AR-041
Extent: 101 linear feet
Administrative History: The Institute of Governmental Affairs (IGA), founded in 1962, supports social science research, graduate student training, public affairs programming, and outreach activities at UC Davis
Description: The majority of the collection is a clipping file maintained by IGA from 1971-1987 on the following areas: Davis/Yolo County, Sacramento City/County, and the California State Government. The collection also contains publications produced by IGA and the Agricultural History Center.
Inclusive Dates: 1962-2009.
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Records
Collection Number: AR-141
Extent: 13.4 linear feet
Administrative History: The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CA&ES) is one of four colleges at the University of California, Davis. It includes fifteen departments, twenty centers and institutes, twelve research facilities, four museums and collections, and the Davis affiliates of the UC Cooperative Extension Agricultural Experiment Station.
Description: The collection contains engineering drawings of several campus buildings and a small group of photographs related to presentations and celebratory events.
Inclusive Dates: 1957-2009
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Undergraduate Program Review Subcommittee records
Collection Number: AR-121
Extent: 10 linear feet
Description: Reviews of the undergraduate majors in the college.
Inclusive Dates: 1975-1995.
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Executive Committee
Collection Number: AR-120
Extent: 8 linear feet
Description: Committee lists, meeting calls, and minutes.
Inclusive Dates: 1952-2000.
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Records
Collection Number: AR-012
Extent: 67 linear feet
Description: The collection contain subject files, correspondence, files related to the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, and farm building plans. The collection also contains an index of images and associated negatives that were photographed by the department from circa 1915-1951. Subjects of the images include research by the department, various types of agricultural equipment such as: plows, harrows and rollers, cultivators, subsoilers, and harvesting and haying machinery, as well as agricultural buildings such as: barns, silos, corn cribs, poultry houses.
Inclusive Dates: 1915-2014.
Department of Irrigation Photographs
Collection Number: AR-058
Extent: 26.8 linear feet
Description: The collection contains images taken by the department from 1895-1959. Subjects include many topics related to California irrigation including dams, canals, reservoirs, pumps, wells, preparing land for irrigation, and field and laboratory experiments. Most of the images were taken in California, however there are also photographs from other locations in the western United States.
Inclusive Dates: 1895-1959.
Department of Viticulture and Enology Records
Collection Number: AR-059
Extent: 87.8 linear feet
Description: Correspondence, budget and expense files, travel receipts, construction and repair requisitions, meeting minutes (department, division, staff, and committee), building plans, class materials, research projects and grants, vineyard reports, extension reports, and photographs.
Inclusive Dates: 1907-2006.
Department of Viticulture and Enology Wine Label Collection
Collection Number: AR-191
Extent: 9 linear feet
Description: This collection, assembled by the UC Davis Viticulture and Enology Department from the 1970s to the early 1990s, contains wine labels from United States wineries from circa 1947-1990. Wine labels from other countries such as Australia, France, Germany, and South Africa are also included.
Inclusive Dates: 1927-1990.
Food Science & Technology Department Records
Collection Number: AR-131
Extent: 20 linear feet
Administrative History: With origins rooted in the University of California Berkeley’s Division of Viticulture and Enology, the Department of Food Science was initially established in 1919 as a division of fruit products after the Volstead Act prohibited commercial wine-making. While studies in viticulture continued at Davis, the fruit products unit at Berkeley turned its focus toward processing fruit juices and identifying optimal techniques for canning, drying, and otherwise utilizing fruits for consumption. In 1951, the renamed Division of Food Technology moved from Berkeley to Davis.
Description: Syllabi, lecture notes, department correspondence, and photographs.
Inclusive Dates: 1914-2005.
Foundation Plant Materials Service
Collection Number: AR-050
Extent: 22 linear feet
Description: Office files relating to the production and dissemination of disease free cuttings and rootstock.
Inclusive Dates: 1954-1985.
LAWR (Land, Air, and Water Resources), Department of
Collection Number: AR-094
Extent: 36.6 linear feet
Description: Correspondence, memos, manuscripts, pamphlets, photos, research projects, soil maps, and surveys.
Inclusive Dates: 1924-1999.
University of California, Davis. California Food and Fiber Futures Records
Collection Number: AR-099
Extent: 11 linear feet
Administrative History: California Food and Fiber Futures was a W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant in the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean's Office. The purpose of the grant was to encourage institutional change in California's higher education system through engagement of higher education partnerships and community based projects that addressed critical food systems issues.
Description: Correspondence, model projects, meeting and conference materials, and annual reports.
Inclusive Dates: 1997-2007.
Western Signal Corps School Collection
Collection Number: AR-185
Extent: 1.2 linear feet
Administrative History: From 1943-1944, in the midst of World War II, the UC College of Agriculture at Davis (now the University of California, Davis) was closed and converted to a training facility for the Western Signal Corps School (WSCS).
Description: School newsletters, a student guide, commemorative album, farewell menu, as well as several photographs.
Inclusive Dates: 1943-1944.
Library Annual Reports
Collection Number: AR-203
Extent: 4.8 linear feet
Administrative History: This collection contains annual reports for theUniversity Library as well as annual reports for Library departments.Library statistics are included in these reports.
Inclusive Dates: 1946-2011.
Oral History Office
Collection Number: AR-113
Extent: 41.2 linear feet
Description: Audio recordings and transcripts of oral histories conducted by the Oral History Office. Also included are office files and correspondence relating to the activities of the office.
Inclusive Dates: 1947-1996.
UC Davis Web Archives
Collection Number: AR-190
Extent: 473 online resource
Description: The UC Davis Web Archives, created using the California Digital Library's Web Archiving Service (WAS), preserves websites in the entire "" domain to document the history of the University's activities and accomplishments. This ongoing project, started in 2011, captures the websites of the University's administration, schools and colleges, academic departments, administrative units, organized research units, intercollegiate athletics, and student organizations.
Inclusive Dates: 2011-2013.
Academic Senate Records
Collection Number: AR-108
Extent: 8 linear feet
Description: Correspondence, manuals, handbooks, bylaws, reports, meeting minutes, publications.
Inclusive Dates: 1931-1999.
Retirees’ Association Records
Collection Number: AR-192
Extent: 0.5 linear feet
Administrative History: Founded in 1989, the Retirees' Association advocates for retiree benefits, awards scholarships, and works to strengthen the UC Davis retiree community through educational and social programs.
Description: By-laws, minutes, budgets, reports, brochures, and newsletters.
Inclusive Dates: 1984-2016.
Agricultural Education Wives Club Records
Collection Number: AR-083
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Administrative History: The Agricultural Education Wives organization of the University of California, Davis was formed to: "intelligently prepare for their future as wives of vocational agricultural teachers and to better understand the professional problems of their husbands."
Description: This small collection contains the organization's constitution, financial records, meeting records, and membership lists.
Inclusive Dates: 1950-1982.
Antique Mechanics Club Records
Collection Number: AR-010
Extent: 2 linear feet
Administrative History: The Antique Mechanics Club, a student group established in 1971, collects, restores, and displays vintage agricultural equipment, focusing mostly on tractors.
Description: Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and files relating to the history of the Antique Mechanics organization on the UC Davis campus.
Inclusive Dates: 1964-1991.
Block CA Society Records
Collection Number: AR-186
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Administrative History: The Block CA Society, an athletics honor society formed in 1922, organized social events and issued awards.
Description: This small collection contains the club's meeting minutes and treasurer's account books.
Inclusive Dates: 1928-1970.
Blue and Gold Dairy Club Records
Collection Number: AR-048
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Administrative History: The Blue and Gold Dairy Club, organized in 1920 at the Davis campus, brought together students who were interested in the dairyindustry.
Description: This small collection contains the club's correspondence, meeting minutes, and several photographs
Inclusive Dates: 1920-1958.
Cal Aggie Marching Band
Collection Number: AR-150
Extent: 7 linear feet
Description: Correspondence, office files, video cassettes, photos, realia, survey worksheets.
Inclusive Dates: 1958-1999.
California Aggie Web Archives
Collection Number: AR-189
Extent: 1 online resource
Administrative History: The California Aggie, an entirely student-run publication, is a unit of the Associated Students of UC Davis and is overseen by the Campus Media Board.
Description: Special Collections began capturing the California Aggie website in October 2010. These historic website captures are generally six months behind the current website.
Inclusive Dates: 2010-2013.
California Club of the University of California; Davis Chapter Records
Collection Number: AR-207
Extent: linear feet
Administrative History: The California Club, an honorary service club founded in 1934, brought student leaders of all University of California campuses together.
Description: This small collection contains materials from the Davis chapter of the club including the club's constitution, correspondence, conference materials, and song books.
Inclusive Dates: 1950-1969.
Fraternities, Sororities, and Honor Societies
Collection Number: AR-151
Extent: 15.2 linear feet
Description: Correspondence, financial records, chapter records, office files, meeting minutes, photos, bylaws, membership records/rosters, constitutions, publications, realia.
Inclusive Dates: 1916-1999.
Golden Hoof Club
Collection Number: AR-082
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Description: This small collection contains the club's by-laws, correspondence, transcripts of two speeches, and newspaper clippings.
Inclusive Dates: 1920-1968.
Quarter Century Club Minutes
Collection Number: AR-169
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Administrative History: The Quarter Century Club, whose members have been affiliated with the Davis campus for twenty five years or more, was organized in 1939.
Description: This small collection contains the club's meeting minutes from 1939-1989 as well as several clippings that feature the club.
Inclusive Dates: 1939-1898.
Student Clubs and Organizations Collection
Collection Number: AR-180
Extent: 1 linear feet
Description: This small collection, assembled by Special Collections, contains flyers and ephemera related to a selection of student clubs and organizations on the University of California, Davis campus.
Inclusive Dates: 1925-1981.
University Farm Circle.
Collection Number: AR-047
Extent: 9.1 linear feet
Description: Constitution, correspondence, meeting minutes, annual reports, club records, financial reports, club rosters, publications, photo exhibit, scrapbooks, realia.
Inclusive Dates: 1925-1999.
Alumni Reminiscences Collection
Collection Number: AR-140
Extent: linear feet
Description: The collection includes narrative memoirs of UC Davis alumni and a small amount of UC Davis ephemera.
Campus Songs and Song Books Collection
Collection Number: AR-079
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Description: This small collection contains sheet music and song books for Davis campus songs and University of California songs including: Aggie Fight Song, Big C, California Aggies Hail, Hail to California, and Sons of California.
Inclusive Dates: 1955-1965.
Centennial Collection
Collection Number: AR-144
Extent: 4 linear feet
Administrative History: The University of California, Davis celebrated its centennial during 2008-2009.
Description: Planning and publicity files, correspondence, and memorabilia from the centennial year.
Inclusive Dates: 2008-2009
Conferences on the UC Davis Campus Collection
Collection Number: AR-080
Extent: 2 linear feet
Description: This collection contains programs, flyers, and posters for a number of conferences that were held on the UC Davis campus from 1909-1981.
Inclusive Dates: 1909-1981.
Office of Ceremonies and Special Events Collection
Collection Number: AR-163
Extent: 6.4 linear feet
Description: The Office of Ceremonies and Special Events collection contains materials related to UC Davis campus ceremonies, dedications,lectures, programs, and receptions. Also included are meeting minutes for the Committee on Public Ceremonies (1947-1973).
Inclusive Dates: 1922-2013.
Picnic Day Board of Directors Records
Collection Number: AR-122
Extent: 13 linear feet
Administrative History: Since 1909, Picnic Day has provided the University of California, Davis with the means of showcasing the campus and the achievements of its students, staff, and faculty. Every year the event is organized by the Picnic Day Board of Directors, which is composed entirely of students.
Description: The collection includes reports, financial records, meeting minutes, and publicity materials that document the Board's work in organizing UC Davis' annual open house.
Inclusive Dates: 1952-2007.
Picnic Day Collection
Collection Number: AR-075
Extent: 4.8 linear feet
Description: Programs, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia from the University of California, Davis Picnic Day celebrations.
Inclusive Dates: 1909-[ongoing]
Department of Medical Pathology Oral History Recordings
Collection Number: AR-133
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Description: Audio recordings of interviews conducted by Joann Leach Larkey for the Chairmen of the Department of Medical Pathology, University of California, Davis, as part of the campus's 1967-1996 Oral History Project. The interviews were conducted to mark the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the School of Medicine and have been transcribed into a printed volume.
Inclusive Dates: 1995
Genetic Resources Conservation Program
Collection Number: AR-137
Extent: 25 linear feet
Administrative History: The Genetic Resources Conservation program was established in 1985 as a University of California Statewide Program of the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, through a special budget initiative by the Division in response to request from the State of California. The Program was supported by a baseline budget from the Division and various extramural funds. The Program was concerned with California's biological diversity and its conservation in the broadest sense: onsite and offsite conservation of the native flora and fauna, collections of germplasm amassed for agricultural, medicinal, and industrial uses, and collections of genetics stocks, tissues, cells, and DNA developed for teaching and research purposes. The Program as closed by the Division effective June 30, 2008.
Description: Correspondence, meeting agendas, minutes, notes, project files, and photographs and slides.
Inclusive Dates: 1979-2008.
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program. Collection.
Collection Number: AR-142
Extent: 4 linear feet
Administrative History: The UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SAREP) is a statewide program within UC Agriculture and Natural Resources. At the request of the California legislature, the University of California established SAREP with three mandates: administer competitive grants for research on sustainable agricultural practices and systems, develop and distribute information through publications and on-farm demonstrations, and support long-term research and sustainable farming systems on UC farmlands.
Description: Correspondence, meeting minutes, program plans, photographs, and slides for a slideshow for school groups on sustainable agriculture.
Inclusive Dates: 1987-2008.
Department of Art and Art History Records
Collection Number: AR-019
Extent: 1.1 linear feet
Description: Promotional materials for department events, correspondence and reports related to the history of the department, and three films.
Inclusive Dates: 1956-2002.
Nature and Culture Program Records.
Collection Number: AR-175
Extent: 1 linear feet
Administrative History: Nature and Culture, an undergraduate major in the College of Letters and Sciences, provided interdisciplinary studies of therelationships that existed between human cultures and the natural world. The major was discontinued in 2011.
Description: Correspondence, course descriptions, program requirements, reports, flyers, and posters.
Inclusive Dates: 1993-2011.
Pacific Regional Humanities Center Collection
Collection Number: AR-129
Extent: 2.4 linear feet
Administrative History: The Pacific Regional Humanities Center (PRHC) was an initiative funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) in 2002 and overseen by the UC Davis Humanities Institute.
Description: This small collection contains DVDs and videocassettes chronicling PRHC projects and events. Also included is the PRHC implementation proposal that was submitted to the NEH.
Inclusive Dates: 1995-2006.
Richard L. Nelson Gallery Records.
Collection Number: AR-176
Extent: 18 linear feet
Administrative History: The Richard L. Nelson Gallery was dedicated in 1976 in memory of the first Chairperson of the Department of Art at the University of California, Davis. Established as an exhibition venue and teaching resource for the Art Department, the gallery program also serves the campus population, art communities, and general public of Northern California and the Central Valley.
Description: Files about artists that showed their work at the Nelson Gallery.
Inclusive Dates: 1976-1999.
Boxing Team Reports
Collection Number: AR-188
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Administrative History: UC Davis fielded a boxing team from 1920-1956.
Description: This small collection contains match reports and student manager's reports.
Inclusive Dates: 1929-1956.
Women’s Athletic Association Records
Collection Number: AR-187
Extent: 0.4 linear feet
Administrative History: The Women's Athletic Association, which sponsored intramural and extramural activities, served to "promote interest inathletics, to create a spirit of good sportsmanship and fellowship, andto cooperate in promoting and maintaining the highest standards ofUniversity life."
Description: This small collection contains the Sports Manager's record book and the Treasurer's account book.
Inclusive Dates: 1948-1960.
University Archives Serials
Description: Serials produced by departments, committees, and groups at the UC Davis. Examples include newsletters, announcements, magazines, annuals, and yearbooks.
Inclusive Dates: 1923-2014.
Center for Laboratory Animal Science Records
Collection Number: AR-183
Extent: 1 linear feet
Description: Architectural plans for Haring Hall Quadrangle, Beach Lab, Haring Hall kennels, California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab, and Medical Science 1
Inclusive Dates: 1957-1984.