Student Services Department

Are you an undergraduate or professional student seeking assistance with a research project or assignment? Are you an instructor hoping to schedule an orientation or integrate library instruction into your curriculum? 

The Student Services Department is responsible for providing instruction, research assistance, and outreach to undergraduate and professional students with the goal of promoting student success and life-long learning. We offer a variety of services and resources to help students navigate, discover, and evaluate information.

Students can contact us at:

Instructors can contact us at:

Research Assistance

Bring your project or questions to us and learn how the Library can move your research forward. We can assist with class assignments and papers, help you develop and explore new research areas, and assist you in getting the information and data you need for your project.

Workshops and Tours

Discover what the library has to offer by taking a workshop or tour. Sign up for a drop-in class, workshop, or tour to learn about library resources and services or how to do library research.

Guides and Tutorials

Resources to help you find, evaluate, and use information. Includes curated guides, video tutorials, and handouts.

Managing Citations

Learn about the citation styles utilized by varying academic disciplines and strategies for avoiding plagiarism. Connect with our list of recommended Citation Managers to keep your sources organized throughout your research.

Library Instruction for Student Coursework

Request asynchronous or synchronous instruction to introduce library resources, services, and research strategies to your students.

Tours and Orientations

Request a tour or orientation for your group to highlight library resources, services, and facilities. If you are a UC Davis instructor, or department that wants a better connection to the Library, we can set up a custom program to suit your needs. Please fill out the form and we can get started on sharing all the Library has to offer, at every academic level.

Course Guides

Request the creation of a library Course Guide to highlight resources and services that support your student’s coursework. Librarians will curate course and/or assignment specific content.

Alesia McManus
Head of Student Services

Information Literacy, Student Success


Shields Library Room 288A

Lee Riggs
Library Assistant

Instruction, Outreach, Tours


Shields Library, 288

Melissa Browne
Student Services Librarian

Social Sciences


Shields Library Room 288

Sheena Campbell
Student Services Librarian



Shields Library, Room #288

Matthew Conner
Student Services Librarian

Health Sciences, University Writing Program, Citation Management


Shields Library, Carlson Health Sciences Library

Roberto C. Delgadillo
Student Services Librarian

Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies

(530) 752‑8266

Shields Library Room 288

Erik Fausak
Student Services Librarian

Veterinary Medicine


Carlson Health Sciences Library

Ruth Gustafson
Student Services and Researcher Services Librarian

STEM, Life & Physical Sciences


Shields Library

Melinda M Livas
Student Services Librarian

STEM Librarian- Physical Sciences & Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics


Shields Library, Room 288 [2nd Floor]

Nancy Wallace
Student Services Librarian and Diversity Fellow

Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies


Shields Library Room 288