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32/50 The Map Collection include maps of the local area and California communities.  Various types of maps show different aspects and concerns which are important to the development and growth of a city or region.  The Map Collection includes street maps, zoning maps, school districts, ...
February 22, 2017 • Kristoffer Landes
30/50 With the recent rains, the opening of the Sacramento Weir, and the flooded Yolo Bypass, we thought that it was fitting to feature the Holland Land Company Records this week. The following information is drawn from the collection finding aid.  Be sure to check out ...
February 9, 2017 • Sara Gunasekara
27/50 Frequently requested by Design and Art classes, Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color is an oft-used instruction piece held in Special Collections and is this week’s highlight for our 50 Features of Special Collections series. Color is not static. It is constantly in flux due to the perceptions ...
January 20, 2017 • Jenny Hodge