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Tagged: Agriculture

USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service “Quick Stats” statistics database. Select U.S., state, or county data for crops, livestock and other agricultural commodities. Query database by geographic area, search by commodity, or view data in charts or maps. Data sets include Census of Agriculture. ...
Wine and Food Librarian Axel Borg recently promoted some of the agricultural related visual treasures in Special Collections as part of the One California, One UC Davis project. We hope you enjoy the images from the Ferry Morse Seed Company Archives and the Lug Label Collection as well ...
April 9, 2015 • Sara Gunasekara
In celebration of National Farmers Market Week we present an image from our Nursery Seed Catalog Collection. From local family farms of early California settlers to collections describing farming technology, climate, natural environment, and ...
August 9, 2013 • Jenny Hodge