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BIBFLOW was a two-year project (2013-2016) that investigated the future of library technical services, i.e., cataloging and related workflows, in light of modern technology infrastructure such as the Web and new data models and formats such as Resource Description and Access (RDA) and BIBFRAME, the new encoding and exchange format in development by the Library of Congress.

Presentation title: BIBFLOW Project Update Presentation date: May 5, 2016 Presentation location: Library of Congress Presentation summary: The roadmap that outlines primary stakeholders and various workflows associated with academic libraries’ transition from MARC to BIBFRAME was discussed. Bibflow Project Update Slides
November 30, 2016
On February 10, BIBFLOW’s Carl Stahmer (Director of Digital Scholarship at UC Davis) joined Sally McCallum (Chief, Network Developments/MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress), Ted Fons (Executive Director, Data Services and WorldCat Quality Management, OCLC) and Kenning Arlitsch (Dean, Montana State University) as a presenter at OCLC’s
March 6, 2015