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Deep within the basement of Freeborn Hall, behind the black revolving door concealing The California Aggie darkroom, lay the newspaper’s “photo morgue”–a rich collection of photographs produced over the years by staff, freelance, and news agency photographers. In 2019, through a joint effort with then Editor-in-Chief Emily Stack, these negatives,
In celebration of the California Aggie‘s return to a weekly print edition which launched today, here is a throwback to the Weekly Agricola issue from September 22, 1916. Publication of the Weekly Agricola, a four page student newspaper, began on September 29, 1915.  The September 22, 1916, issue debuted
September 22, 2016 • Sara Gunasekara
On this day in 1915, publication of the Weekly Agricola, a four page student newspaper, began. Renamed the University Farm Agricola in 1916, the paper became the California Aggie in November 1922. Happy 100th Birthday, California Aggie!        
September 29, 2015 • Sara Gunasekara
Special Collections has launched public access to a project that archives the website of the California Aggie student newspaper. This ongoing project, created using the California Digital Library’s Web Archiving Service (WAS), first captured the Aggie website in October 2010. You can view the California Aggie newspaper web archives
September 25, 2012 • Sara Gunasekara