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Deep within the basement of Freeborn Hall, behind the black revolving door concealing The California Aggie darkroom, lay the newspaper’s “photo morgue”–a rich collection of photographs produced over the years by staff, freelance, and news agency photographers. In 2019, through a joint effort with then Editor-in-Chief Emily Stack, these negatives,
Described as “a great social and economic experiment” by President Herbert Hoover, the National Prohibition Act, known informally as the Volstead Act, went into effect 100 years ago, in January 1920. The problem with Prohibition is that it didn’t. Prohibition was filled with loopholes. The 18th Amendment made it illegal to
January 24, 2020 • Axel Borg
Welcome and welcome back to all the new and returning members of the campus community! With the start of a new academic year there is always a flurry of activity as students jump headfirst into new classes, new surroundings, new activities and new friends. In the midst of all this
September 27, 2017 • Jenny Hodge
44/50 Aerial photographs provide some of the most visually impacting research materials in the Map Collection. Combined with USGS topographic maps and other maps available in the collection, research can often be enhanced with aerial photography dating back to 1937 in the Central Valley. Often used for statements
May 26, 2017 • Dawn Collings