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The purpose of this guide it to point researchers to the American Community Survey (ACS) and the U.S. decennial, economic, and agriculture census publications. In addition, this guide will point researchers to key census data and related statistical products and tools available online. Also listed in this guide are census
March 20, 2017 • David Michalski
This U.S. Census Bureau site is the entry point to the 2000 Census data as well as more current American Community survey data, economic statistics, and geographic and map products. It includes links to the “American FactFinder and to “Quick Facts” summary profiles for places, counties, and states. Related:
Social Explorer provides quick and easy access to current and historical census data and demographic information. The interface lets users create maps and reports to illustrate, analyze, and understand demography and social change. Contents included: The entire US Census from 1790 to 2010. The entire American Community Survey
ProQuest Statistical Insight combines Index and abstract records previously available from print indexes: American Statistics Index (ASI) from 1973, and Index to International Statistics (IIS)from 1980. ProQuest Statistical Insight enables searching indexes and tables for statistics produced by the U.S. government and major international organizations. The database includes some statistical