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PeerJ is celebrating its 5 year anniversary this February by waiving Article Processing Charge (APC) Fees for all manuscript submissions to PeerJ and PeerJ Computer Science started and submitted in February 2018. Manuscripts are subject to peer review and upon acceptance will be published. (Submissions which result in a final typeset manuscript
February 9, 2018 • Deanna Johnson
Welcome to the library research guide for the field of computer science! UC Davis Library provides a wealth of  subscription and licensed resources that can help students, faculty, and researchers identify articles, proceedings, standards, and books in a print or electronic format. I am working remotely, however I am still available
March 13, 2017 • Melinda M. Livas
A collection of online “lectures” on cutting-edge topics in engineering and computer science. Lectures are from 50-100 pages in PDF format, and are designed to provide an introduction to the topic and in-depth analysis. The lectures are arranged in series; sample series topics include computational electromagnetics, digital circuits and systems,
“Updated daily. Provides a comprehensive, professional source of investment information and analysis on industries and companies. Full text coverage includes stock, bond, and mutual fund guides and reports; earnings and dividends reports; comprehensive company information; industry surveys for 52 major U.S. industries; and directories of companies, executives and security dealers.”Key
O’Reilly for Higher Education (OHE) formerly Safari Tech Books Online. OHE contains close to 48,000 titles of technical eBooks, videos, interactive tutorials, case studies, learning paths and audio books from O’Reilly & Associates, including selective titles from 200+ global publishers including McGraw-Hill, Pearson Technology Group (Addison-Wesley, Alpha, Financial Times Prentice
The Digital Bibliography & Library Project server provides bibliographic information for major computer science journals and proceedings, including Tables of Contents of selected conference proceedings and journals, and citation information for individual authors and papers. The Lecture Notes in Computer Science and IFIP book series are also indexed.