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The Fair Use clause of the U.S. Copyright Law is a legal doctrine that allows the use of of copyrighted material without permission by the copyright holder under certain circumstances. In order to decide whether a use is fair one needs to
February 22, 2022 • Michael Ladisch
If you are uploading material for your students to study, or preparing slides for the next conference presentation; if you are in the middle of writing your thesis, or finishing a manuscript for a research article; if you working on a new website, or tweeting about the latest discovery in
February 23, 2021 • Michael Ladisch
Kenneth Crews, director of the Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office and Melissa A. Brown recently (June, 2011)published a series of studies on this subject. Topics include: “Control of Museum Art Images: The Reach and Limits of Copyright and Licensing” “Art Image Copyright and Licensing: Compilation and Summary of Museum