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ECI Topic Ideas and Search Terms Useful sources for finding recent research in all sciences, where you might find interesting topics, are the weekly magazines SCIENCE NEWS and NEW SCIENTIST. In addition, the premier journals SCIENCE and NATURE include the latest innovative research across the sciences.
April 4, 2022 • Ruth Gustafson
UC Davis has one of the most extensive entomology and arthropod library collections in the University of California Library system.    The Carlson Health Sciences Library holds veterinary-related titles pertaining to entomology and titles concerned with human diseases caused by insect vectors in the field of medical entomology. Check the
December 15, 2021 • Ruth Gustafson
UCD Library : Services & Resources for Grant-Writing This guide notes key library services and licensed resources for your grant-writing needs in preparing your grant proposals.  In addition, comprehensive directories for grant-seeking are noted.   [This resource was originally designed for the May 2021 Office of Research Grant-Writing Bootcamp –
May 6, 2021 • Ruth Gustafson