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As the exhibit celebrating the centennial of the City of Davis enters its final weeks on display, we were inspired to add one more piece to it with the following “Then & Now” images of Davis.  The historic images below are from Special Collections and the present day photographs
May 17, 2017 • Sara Gunasekara
32/50 The Map Collection include maps of the local area and California communities.  Various types of maps show different aspects and concerns which are important to the development and growth of a city or region.  The Map Collection includes street maps, zoning maps, school districts,
February 22, 2017 • Kristoffer Landes
Gerome is brewing up interest in beer! This weekend marks the end of Davis Beer Week, where the city celebrates and encourages our regions craft beer culture. In honor of this spirit Gerome is highlighting a book from the A.W. Noling
August 14, 2015 • Jenny Hodge
In celebration of the Fourth of July, Gerome presents this pamphlet, Live in Davis on the Fourth: the 1956 Fourth of July Program by the Davis Jr. Chamber of Commerce. As you can see the events celebrating the Fourth in Davis that year included: a gala booster dance, a parade,
July 1, 2015 • Sara Gunasekara
In celebration of the first day of the Davis public schools, here is the latest installment of our Then & Now series. You may recognize this building and know its current use, but do you know why it was originally built? This brick Romanesque Revival structure, located at 23
August 27, 2014 • Sara Gunasekara