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Tagged: Digital collections

15/50 This week we are highlighting the Henry Dart Greene Papers as part of our 50 Features of Special Collections series.  Henry Dart Greene (1900-1978) was the son of noted architect Henry Mather Greene and his wife Emeline Dart Greene. His professional life spanned several ...
October 13, 2016 • Sara Gunasekara
7/50 Since we’ve started to see trucks of recently harvested tomatoes on the local highways, we thought that it would be appropriate to feature the Blackwelder Manufacturing Company Records this week. Blackwelder Manufacturing Co., located in Rio Vista, California, focused on the development of tomato harvesters ...
August 16, 2016 • Sara Gunasekara
In celebration of Johnny Appleseed Day today, here is an image from the Ellen Schutt Pomological Watercolors. Ellen Isham Schutt (1873-1955) was an illustrator with the United States Department of Agriculture who was active from 1904-1914. This collection contains 286 original watercolors of fruits, mostly apples, rendered by Schutt ...
March 11, 2016 • Sara Gunasekara