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Carl G. Stahmer, PhD is the Director of Digital Scholarship at the UC Davis Library. He oversees a variety of digital initiatives on campus, and has worked in the digital humanities since the mid 1990s. Stahmer’s work has been funded by various organizations and institutions, including the Institute of Museum
December 13, 2018 • Roberto C. Delgadillo
UC Davis student Arthur Koehl (Computer Science, History and Economics ’17) created a website for his senior project that maps the stories of soldiers who fought in World War II. The library’s digital scholarship program helps faculty and students like Koehl learn how to use digital technology and data analysis
April 10, 2018 • Jillian Kido
Interesting article in the Chronicle for Higher Education that I was pointed to by Mackenzie Smith: Digital Humanists: If You Want Tenure, Do Double the Work | Vitae. The article is by Sydni Dunn – a Staff Reporter at CUE and it discusses a topic of direct relevance the
January 8, 2014