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Tagged: Featured maps

Theme for the week: Spring Break Destinations March 19-30, 2018 Last week, we posted a poll asking about your favorite Spring Break locations in the past, this year, and destinations you want to visit in the future.  We received over forty-five responses to that poll, and the results ...
March 16, 2018 • Dawn Collings
 Spring Break Poll What are your favorite spring break destinations? We asked the library staff and below are the results. The next map blog will be about spring break destinations, so vote for your favorite places to spend spring break and the results will not only be posted in ...
March 5, 2018 • Dawn Collings
Theme for the week: Plate Tectonics & Earthquakes March 1-16, 2018 The feeling of the ground shaking can be a scary experience. But have you ever wondered how or why earthquakes happen in the first place? According to National Geographic Society, earthquakes occur near tectonic plates boundaries, slabs of rocky crust ...
March 1, 2018 • Dawn Collings
Theme for the week: Winter Olympics of the Past February 8-23, 2018 Disappointed that you are not representing the United States in the Winter Olympics in South Korea? Show your passion for the Olympic Games instead by testing your knowledge of the past 34 years of Winter Olympics. ...
February 8, 2018 • Dawn Collings
Theme for the week: North is Not Up January 22-26, 2018 Ever wondered what the world looks like upside down? Come see our awesome maps that depicts North in all directions, besides up. Our collection includes maps of the old world, when they believed not only that earth was ...
January 22, 2018 • Dawn Collings