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Tagged: Featured maps

Theme for the week: Animal Migration November 27- December 1, 2017 Get out of the cold, wet, and dark weather by taking some advice from our animal friends. Maybe you might decide to join the Peregrine Falcons on their 8,000 mile trip to Argentina, where they enjoy the ...
November 26, 2017 • Dawn Collings
Theme for the week: Dinosaurs and Fossils November 13-22, 2017 Maps for the paleontologist in you.  Whether you travel locally, travel America, or travel to Mongolia, maps show where you can find dinosaurs, fossils, and other sites of prehistoric interest. We are so excited by this topic, that ...
November 9, 2017 • Dawn Collings
Come to the Map Collection and look for this sign: Theme for the week: Korea October 30- November 3rd, 2017 Korea in the News. Come on over to Shields Library to view these maps showing North and South Korea’s population size, economic activity, land utilization, ...
October 27, 2017 • Dawn Collings
  Theme for the week: Sustainability October 23-27, 2017 Sustainability Day on October 25th! Special Collections and the Map Collection have joined with the Office of Sustainability to celebrate Sustainability Week! Come on over to Shields Library to view some amazing maps, books, and collections on sustainability, ...
October 23, 2017 • Patricia Wyley