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Tagged: Features

5/50 Early maps showing the Sacramento Valley and gold fields include this charming map. The Sacramento Valley from the American River to Butte Creek, 1849. A staff favorite because it shows a route from Sacramento to Benecia which crosses Putah Creek approximately where the City of Davis ...
August 4, 2016 • Dawn Collings
4/50   In 1958, the University of California acquired the extensive personal library of C.K. (Charles Kay) Ogden, British linguist and philosopher. The University divided the library among the extant campuses: Berkeley, UCLA, Davis, Santa Barbara, and Riverside. The Davis library’s portion was nearly 10,000 ...
July 29, 2016 • Jenny Hodge
1/50 The Sumerian Clay Tablet was acquired by the rare book collection in 1966, purchased in 1962 from Dawson’s Book Shop in Los Angeles. The tablet is from Sumeria, modern day southern Iraq, circa 1974 BC/BCE (short chronology). The cuneiform inscription is an ...
July 8, 2016 • Jenny Hodge
We are excited to celebrate 50 years of Special Collections in the University Library! “On July 1, 1966 the Department of Special Collections opened its door for service to the public at 201 Library. As announced in the January 21 issue of CUD, ...
July 1, 2016 • Jenny Hodge