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You may have seen that UC Davis was recently named among the top twenty schools on a new list of colleges with the friendliest students. Friendliness has long been a tradition on the Davis campus and it is noted as far back as 1930. According to that year’s California Aggie
December 30, 2014 • Sara Gunasekara
UC Davis is known for it’s friendly atmosphere and as such Special Collections would like to extend a “Spirited Hello” to all our new and returning students. You can see from the below image that saying “Hello” is a tradition that campus members actively promoted. Later this became
September 26, 2013 • Jenny Hodge
With the start of the school year upon us, we thought it would be fun to flashback 90 years to the start of the school year in 1923. According to the 1923-1924 California Aggie Freshman Handbook, these are the procedures that you would need to follow to register. How the
September 24, 2013 • Sara Gunasekara